“Your Mentor” is obviously a pseudonym!

Personal web sites focus on the blogger, the writer of the blog.

The Process Technology and Operator Academy is a technical information website which means that it IS NOT about the writer!

The focus is on the creation of technical content presented in an interesting format so that Readers and Students remain engaged and learn about industrial process technology and operations.

Your Mentor has over twenty years of work experience in the traditional and renewable energy applications of process technology and process operations. Your Mentor’s industrial experience includes processing applications in the foods industry.

Your Mentor is what academia refers to as a Subject Matter Expert having “walked the walk” through a multi-faceted career in the process industries. Your Mentor has converted that experience into process technology curriculum and taught classes in a bona-fide process technology program.

Your Mentor is also an irrepressible rock and roll and Beatles fanatic which may become apparent from time to time.



The Process Technology and Operator Academy (hence, PTOA) was inspired by Khan Academy’s educational mission to offer a totally free, quality learning experience to anybody with an internet connection and the resolve to learn.

The PTOA is a free, self-directed study which uses a unique approach developed by Your Mentor to present the integrated concepts of industrial process technology and operations.



The PTOA uses a book-format structure that logically ties each focus study topic to the next. Sequential reading of each segment (from the oldest segment to the most current) is essential for maximizing comprehension and therefore competency in the process technology subjects presented.

Casual PTOA site viewers and registered PTOA Readers are encouraged to learn about process technology and process operations at their own pace for free.

PTOA Readers may eventually choose to become Students of the free Academy.

Joining the free Academy by registering as a PTOA Student indicates that the casual Reader has focused on the goal to achieve a more thorough understanding of industrial process technology and operations.

PTOA Students are enabled to participate in forums and can test their understanding of process technology concepts with Your Mentor’s copyrighted testing tools.

Students who demonstrate mastery of a subject will earn a PTOA Certificate of Competency. Students who earn certificates in all PTOA subject areas become PTOA Graduates.

The PTOA shall remain free to Readers, Students, and Graduates.



Your Mentor and The Process Technology and Operator Academy are most definitely not associated with any formal industrial process technology program offered at any college.

To reiterate, the PTOA is not an accredited scholastic entity associated with a formal accrediting body.

The PTOA is a free-access self-study written by a highly qualified process technology subject matter expert with both industrial experience and experience developing and teaching a formal process technology and operations curriculum.

Casual PTOA viewers, PTOA Readers, and PTOA Students who read the focus study segments in the intended sequence and strive to understand the concepts as described are going to greatly expand their personal knowledge of process technology and process operations.

The time and effort invested at the PTOA is not going to result in the earning of college credit or a guaranteed career in process technology industries and process operations (a complete list of disclaimers can be accessed at the bottom of the PTOA home page). Note that paying for a formal process technology degree at a college does not guarantee employment either.

With all the above out of the way…

Welcome to the Process Technology and Operator Academy!

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