This policy is valid from October 2014 and updates will be noted from time to time.

The PTOA is not associated with any educational institution.

The Process Technology and Operator Academy (hence, PTOA) is a free, online educational self study written and edited by Your Mentor. Neither Your Mentor nor the PTOA is affiliated with any brick and mortar educational establishment offering an academic program in industrial process technology education.

The PTOA shall remain free.

Your Mentor is committed to the free and equal access of education for anybody with the will and discipline to learn at their own pace. PTOA shall remain free to all casual Readers, readers who choose to enroll as Students, and Graduates.

Participation in the PTOA is 100% voluntary.

Each Reader, Student, and Graduate of the PTOA has embarked upon a 100% voluntary, self-motivated, individually-paced study of the fundamentals of industrial process technology and operations.

No job or employment is guaranteed to result from reading PTOA focus study segments or earning PTOA Certificates of Competency.

The outcome of promised employment is not guaranteed upon completion of a traditional academic program offered at a brick-and-mortar establishment or from their associated online course offerings; likewise, the outcome of employment after investing time to read and understand the PTOA focus study segments is not promised nor guaranteed nor implied to casual PTOA viewers, PTOA Readers, PTOA Students, or PTOA Graduates.

The PTOA registration process requires all PTOA Readers, Students and Graduates to acknowledge their understanding that PTOA participation is 100% voluntary and does not infer that a job in the process industries will be the outcome of their self study efforts.

PTOA has no liability regarding
employer-student outcomes.

The PTOA intends to eventually evolve into a contact point linking potential process industry employers and interested potential employees. Neither Your Mentor nor the PTOA is responsible for any outcomes that result from providing the initial platform for employers and potential employees to interact. Employers bear the full risk when hiring any contact made via the PTOA site.

The PTOA revenue streams.

Financial support that enables the PTOA mission to provide free process technology and operator information comes from cash received for advertising, sponsorships, paid insertions, job postings, and other forms of compensation.

The PTOA contains affiliate links which may return a small commission to Your Mentor in the event Readers and Students choose to purchase an item displayed on PTOA links or banners. However, Your Mentor will suggest only items that will strategically enhance the understanding of the topics covered by the Process Technology and Operator Academy and purchase is totally optional.

Some advertising may be in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network within the PTOA site and/or as text affiliated links. In both cases, the third party advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements.

Your Mentor and the PTOA have no intention to receive compensation to provide objective opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. However, if such a business relationship occurs, the situation will be made crystal clear to those that access the PTOA website.

Advertising does not influence PTOA content.

The compensation received by Your Mentor to support the PTOA web site does not influence the topics or content covered in the focus study segments.

The PTOA focus study segments follow a planned progression developed by Your Mentor; the fundamentals and concepts of process technology and operations are integrated into a common sense approach that does not warrant influence by advertisers.

References to other websites that appear in PTOA focus study segments and those that appear on the Reference List are preplanned and are listed because they uniquely enhance the learning experience of PTOA Readers and Students.

To reiterate, the PTOA content is not influenced by advertising.

Your Mentor is highly opinionated but not at all conflicted.

Any views and opinions expressed in the PTOA are rooted in the experiences and biases of Your Mentor.

At most, a potential for conflict of interest may exist with regard to suggested items to purchase for the enhancement of learning as discussed in the section on revenue streams.

Otherwise, the PTOA does not contain content which might present a conflict of interest. In the event a conflict of interest seems present, please send a comment to Your Mentor regarding your findings.

This PTOA disclosure document was generated by modifying a disclosure document in use that was generated using the free disclosure policy website