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The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Post Your Job Opening Are:

  1. The Process Technology and Operator Academy site is a magnet that attracts your desired demographic.

The PTOA name and format were carefully researched and planned to incorporate search engine optimization key words.

The Process Technology and Operator Academy website (hence, PTOA) attracts self-motivated individuals with a desire to understand the fundamentals that are needed to successfully work in the process industries.

  1. Posting a job on the PTOA is cost effective…in fact…downright cheap!

Marketing strategies reliant upon newspaper and TV ads, radio spots, magazine articles, or billboard advertisements are expensive and take months to produce. These costly marketing methods may or may not reach your target audience.

The PTOA has already done the work to attract your desired audience by providing interesting, original content that imparts industrial process knowledge.

The Basic Introductory Rate PTOA Job Posting Package includes the following:

  • A 650 X 250 pixel job posting can be posted for $300 per month (please contact Your Mentor for job posting size variations).
  • PTOA job postings are accessed via a prominent link on the PTOA Home Page menu bar.
  • All PTOA site visitors can access job postings. Access to a PTOA job posting is not limited to PTOA Readers and Students. PTOA registration is not required to access the Job Postings link from the PTOA menu bar.
  • Jobs posted on the PTOA site will be referenced on PTOA’s social media extensions and in PTOA’s announcements.
  1. Revenue from PTOA Job Postings supports delivery of free process technology education.

The mission of The PTOA is to provide quality instruction in process technology and process operations at no cost to anyone with internet access and a desire to learn.

Revenue from job postings supports the PTOA mission.

Registering as a PTOA Registered Employer starts the process of listing a job posting. Please access the below link to start the registration process.


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