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and Registered PTOA Students! 

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What’s the difference between PTOA Readers
and PTOA Students?

The PTOA Student registration process separates the serious students from  more casual PTOA Readers. PTOA Students desire to master the process technology concepts. Registering as a PTOA Student (or Reader) is free.

PTOA Readers may read the focus study segments anonymously.

However, PTOA Student registration requires submitting personally identifiable information and a photo. This information is required to track student progress but will never be sold to third parties nor shared in any way without prior consent.

Your Mentor reserves the right to refuse anyone PTOA Student status.

Please be aware that registration as a PTOA Student is limited to individuals that align with the defined goals of the PTOA. Your Mentor reserves the right to reclassify or remove PTOA Students with dormant activity exceeding one year.


The Top Five Reasons to Become a PTOA Student Are:

  1. PTOA Students have access to PTOA Student Forums.

Student Forums are keyboarded discussions between cyber classmates that cover relevant PTOA topics. Decorum, please! Potential employers have access to read PTOA Student Forums anonymously.

Forum contributors who do not abide by PTOA Student Forum  rules will have future access denied.


  1. PTOA Students can test their comprehension
    of PTOA Focus Study Areas topics.

PTOA Readers and Students that have participated in team sports know that practice makes perfect but it takes playing against competition to determine whether or not the fundamentals of the game have been mastered.

PTOA Students can receive free testing materials. These materials will enable the PTOA Student to privately ascertain whether or not s/he really understands how the various PTOA Focus Study Areas are integrated into real-world process technology applications.

Your Mentor’s testing tools are challenging (incidentally, they are also copyrighted and trademarked).

These tools are designed to enable the critical thinking required of modern process industry operators. Mastering the concepts may take multiple attempts.


  1. PTOA Students can achieve competency
    in PTOA Focus Study Areas.

PTOA Students that demonstrate mastery of PTOA Focus Study Areas areas can earn PTOA Certificates of Competency.

Mastering focus study concepts is determined by earning a minimum 95% competency on all testing materials within a focus study area.

PTOA Certificates of Competency list the Focus Study Area topics that the PTOA Student has mastered. The certificate also includes the Student’s name, email address, and photo. PTOA Certificates of Competency also include verification instructions that potential employers may choose to utilize.


  1. PTOA Students can become PTOA Graduates.

PTOA Students that earn all available PTOA Certificates of Competency in PTOA Focus Study Areas are automatically reclassified as PTOA Graduates.

PTOA Graduates have access to the PTOA Graduate Forum which can be used as a networking source with other PTOA Graduates.


  1. PTOA Students have prioritized interaction
    with Your Mentor and the PTOA staff

Your Mentor and the PTOA staff support the effort of motivated PTOA Students by monitoring student progress. Simultaneously, Your Mentor and the PTOA staff will verify that PTOA Certificates of Competency are earned by the actual individuals that mastered the concepts.


Ready to become a PTOA Student?

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