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And you will soon figure out if the career field of industrial process technology and operations is a good fit for you!


I’m Your Mentor!

You might not remember me but I’m pretty sure we’ve met before.

I’ve worked over twenty years in the process technology industries.

I’ve developed curriculum for and taught college classes in industrial processes and operations.

So I just have a feeling that I’ve met someone like you when we were both at a brick-and-mortar college building.


So, what’s YOUR story?

You might be at an age that the formal, tuition-charging colleges classify as a “non-traditional” student…because almost everybody is. Can you believe all that means is that you are older than 24?

The typical college classroom Your Mentor taught in had students ranging in age from 18 to 45 (55 being the oldest!) and most of those students were classified “non-traditional.” The classroom also included rural and urban students of diverse ethnicity, culture, and gender.

Maybe you’ve been working hard since being graduated from high school and now want to expand your knowledge base and leverage all your real-life experiences into a career change. Who knows? Maybe process technology and operations would be a good fit for you.

Or maybe you are a high school senior and the idea of burning a lot of FAFSA college loan money in the process of figuring out what you want to study in college is frightening. If you could just check out a career option for free….like, for example…in the industrial process technology industries…now THAT would be very helpful!

You might be just out of the Armed Forces on a limited G.I. Bill and want to figure out if a process technology career would be a good investment for those educational dollars you earned while defending our country. Thank you for your service…. AND I REALLY MEAN THAT!  Several of my former students have effectively transitioned from the military into process technology careers.

Perhaps you are an experienced member of the work force that …because of a simple twist of fate… now needs retraining in a new career field and you’d like to know if industrial process technology is a good fit before you commit those limited retraining dollars.

Or maybe you are a gal of any age or from a diverse background and culture that never exposed you to the field of industrial process technology and operations. Getting down the jargon and concepts before enrolling in a formal college setting might help build your confidence before you’re surrounded by students in a classroom setting (Hey, guess what? The other students don’t know any more than you do!).

You might even be enrolled in a frustratingly real Associates of Arts & Sciences Process Technology college program and are right now burning up FAFSA dollars and going deeper in debt while being “taught” by an ever-changing cast of adjunct instructors who (by no fault of their own) disrupt continuity in the program because the administration of the college that you are enrolled in spends your FAFSA money and the millions they receive in federal technical education dollars on buildings and glossy, fancy stuff instead of fulltime instructors with years of industrial experience who know what they are talking about. Well take heart! You can learn what you were supposed to learn right here and for free!

And, of course, it is just possible that you are None Of The Above.

And that is just great. Your story is interesting, too.

Just keep reading and you will learn if a career in the process technology industries or process operations is a good fit for you.

You have nothing to lose because the Process Technology and Operator Academy is all free!


The next step is to access the Orientation series via the orientation link at the bottom right. The first segment of the orientation answers these questions:


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