Registered PTOA Employers will be linked to a resource that congregates a pool of competent, motivated potential employees.

The PTOA provides free process technology and process operations instruction to anyone with an internet connection and the self motivation to learn.

In the event you are wondering if  "Free Instruction" equates to "Easy Instruction" just check out what PTOA Readers and Students learned while completing the first PTOA Focus Study Area which was a comprehensive study covering ...

The Process  Variable Temperature

Your Mentor, creator of the PTOA, has over two decades of work experience in the PTOA focus study areas.Your Mentor knows what competencies process technology employers need in the workplace: technically knowledgeable employees that possess people skills and understand the importance of HSE, topped off with a great work ethic.

Your Mentor is also a former process technology instructor with years of successful experience teaching and advising students through pathways to process industry careers. Your Mentor has years of experienced developing process technology curricula.

Your Mentor has converted these duo competencies into an original, integrated on-line instructional approach…The Process Technology and Operator Academy… and knows what it takes to keep PTOA Readers and Students engaged to gain competency in the fundamentals of process technology.


PTOA Students earn Certificates of Competency.

PTOA Students work hard to earn Certificates of Competency in the  Focus Study Areas listed below. PTOA Students that demonstrate competency in all focus study areas become PTOA Graduates.

Unlike brick-and-mortar classrooms, The PTOA is under no pressure to fill classroom seats. Nor does The PTOA have to maintain a matriculation rate by any means possible. These off-topic priorities can skew student outcomes.

The recipient of a PTOA Certificate of Competency has demonstrated competency as opposed to having been somewhat present in a building during a specified time interval.

The PTOA  Focus Study Areas:

  • How process unit operations are designed for the physical and chemical properties of matter.
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer fundamentals.
  • Operating theory and safe operation of common stationary and static equipment found in process industries.
  • Rotating equipment fundamentals and operator interface.
  • PSM (including behavior based safety, root cause analysis, and hand and power tool safety).
  • Industrial Health (including MSDS).
  • Environmental law and environmental stewardship.
  • Analog and digital control basics.
  • Fundamentals of automatic instrumentation and negative feedback process control.
  • Common process and utility systems purpose and design.
  • Interpreting block diagrams, PFDs, and P&IDs.
  • Process operations written and verbal communications.
  • Troubleshooting process industry systems.
  • QA/QC methods that keep production on specification.


Employers that register with the PTOA can anonymously observe student progress via PTOA Student Forums.

In a past life, Your Mentor was asked by employers to streamline their hiring processes. Employers would ask Your Mentor to identify students who had demonstrated competency in process technology subject areas and possessed good work habits.

Registering as a PTOA Employer enables the registrant to confidentially ascertain a student’s progress via scanning student forum discussions.

In the event that a registered PTOA Employer becomes interested in contacting a PTOA Student directly, Your Mentor will verify the Student’s consent prior to releasing personally identifiable information.

Neither Your Mentor nor the PTOA is liable for the outcome of Employer/Student interactions; both parties will acknowledge that understanding prior to contact made via the protocol described.

Likewise, Your Mentor and the PTOA are not liable for Employer/Student outcomes that result from contacts made outside of the described protocol.


Registered PTOA Employers can post jobs for a modest fee.

  • A 650 X 250 pixel job posting can be posted for $300 per month. Job posting size variations can be accommodated. Please contact Your Mentor for details.
  • PTOA job postings are accessed via a prominent link on the PTOA Home Page menu bar.
  • All PTOA viewers can access job postings. Access to a PTOA job posting is not limited to PTOA Readers and Students. PTOA registration is not required to access the Job Postings link from the PTOA menu bar.
  • Jobs posted on the PTOA site will be referenced on PTOA’s social media extensions and in PTOA’s announcements.
  • Revenue from job postings helps to support delivery of free process technology education to anyone with the desire to learn and an internet connection.


The PTOA Registration process activates bookmarking.

The PTOA uses a book format architecture that requires reading each entry in sequence. The registration process activates bookmarking which facilitates continued PTOA access.


The Employer Registration process is easy.

Just access the link below to become a registered PTOA Employer.



  • Linked to a resource that congregates competent, motivated potential employees.
  • PTOA Students earn PTOA Certificates of Competency.
  • Enabled ability to monitor student progress.
  • Enabled ability to post job openings (for a small fee).
  • Enabled ability to bookmark PTOA focus study segments.
  • Registration is free and easy.


Please access the link below to become a Registered PTOA Employer for free. Your Mentor will confirm accuracy of the employer information submitted as part of finalizing the registration process.

Register Here and Welcome to the PTOA!